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Tiburon Lockers Announces Next Generation Electronic Lockers With Over 400 Innovations

December 19, 2008

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ - Tiburon Lockers, the largest revenue share rental locker company in the United States, has announced a new electronic locker rental system. It uses its own innovative in-house engineered technologies that include a number of new features. All of the engineering, design and testing are aimed at impacting three distinctive areas: profitability, guest experience and operational efficiencies.

A sampling of these include: remote revenue and system monitoring; administration; an algorithm that can maximize the income by factoring in occupancy and time remaining in the day; indicators of which lockers need to be cleaned at day’s end and which don’t;and other programmable features.

The system was under development for over four years. Tiburon President and CEO, Jared Lowenthal, said: “This electronic locker is a product that will bring a new understanding of what is possible with rental lockers.” Below are more of Mr. Lowenthal’s responses to questions when asked about various aspects of Tiburon’s technology and the landscape of the electronic locker industry today.

“Tiburon’s engineering team has over 50 years of experience in the access control industry and has helped the company make large strides in its vision to turn ‘a box’ into an exciting product. The system is designed to give end-users the maximum customer experience and for the system to be seamless in venues’ overall operations. The system architects’ efforts started with and continue to focus on design from the venues’ and the guests’ perspective. It is all about what the venues want, what they need, and what potential impact points is a locker system capable of improving,” Lowenthal added “the development and implementation of remote monitoring and operation functionality is my favorite feature, of the over 400 innovations.”

“Not only does this system give real-time reporting of revenues, but it also includes state-of-the-art features that allow us to monitor and address potential issues remotely from anywhere. We have taken a page from other spheres of security products by offering full time remote monitoring. After all, this is a security product and it’s designed to enhance customer convenience and experience.”

When asked about the competitive landscape, Lowenthal said: “There is absolutely no other company that engineers, owns and operates its own electronic technology. The appeal is great to those who don’t want merely an off-the-shelf system that is readily available, that lacks the support, and features adaptable for specific sites and guest requirements. The other alternatives out there include a product that is marketed solely for looking technologically advanced, even though its functionality is limited, or its features are actually not beneficial in the real world. We are the only company that is equipped to support our customers with over 40 service personnel. Who do you think is more capable of servicing, a company that designs and has full-time engineers or a company that uses outside staff and outsourced, licensed technology? Also, our ability to customize and integrate with venues’ existing technologies is an absolute advantage. Our ‘sales model’ goes directly against the grain of the industries. We have spent $13 in engineering and testing costs for every dollar spent on marketing and sales.”

“We saw a great opportunity to provide real positive impact to entertainment and retail businesses in this highly competitive environment. A venue can increase customer experience and retention, thereby differentiating itself from its competition. More and more, it’s the little things that drive loyalty. We are driven by the knowledge that for us to succeed, we need to be seamless and enhance the visitors’ interaction and ease of use with our locker systems.” Jared noted that 20 years ago, there was very little competition for an amusement park, when there were no similar alternatives within 30 miles. Now, those same parks are competing with niche parks and also the increase of at home entertainment. We succeeded by improving the overall ease and access of personal items, as well as making sure the visitors spend as little time on line waiting for their belongings as possible. Lockers can be a little like a field goal kicker, no one notices them unless they mess up. We will add a WOW factor. On the other end, we cost the venues nothing and make management and staff’s operations smoother.”

When asked about future Tiburon technologies, Mr. Lowenthal wasn’t specific but stated: “We are now in a position to add to our core technologies and have a full pipeline of related products in the works. Our vision is to take something most people believe to be somewhat dull, a locker, and have it capable of multiple functions and attributes.”