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Tiburon's lockers and kiosks are designed in-house by a team of locker experts and engineers.

We collaborate with our clients and listen to their feedback to design the most user-friendly lockers and pay points possible. Our software team is in constant contact with our 500+ venues, providing updates and proactively identifying new ways to improve our locker systems.

We pride ourselves on providing the best lockers and service in the industry, and we're always ready to prove it to you!

Keypads may seem like a great addition at first, but upon closer examination you can see the drawbacks.

Tiburon's locker philosophy is to give you the correct ratio of payment points to lockers. This is because your guests spend exponentially more time interacting with a kiosk when renting a locker, not when accessing it. Having less payment points only saves companies from having to spend more on them. Keypads shouldn’t be a substitution for payment points.

Keypads also create another point of failure and are unprotected in many other ways. They're not waterproof, so liquids can leak in through the unsealed number buttons and cause damage. These unsealed crevices are also subject to harbor excessive grime, rust, mold, and bacteria. Physical, electronic keypads are difficult to disinfect without causing damage and would be nearly impossible to keep clean at larger venues.

It's much easier, cleaner, and safe to have a self-cleaning kiosk, antimicrobial paint, and lockers without handles - all from Tiburon Lockers!

In our nearly two decades of operations, the answer has been no. As partners, it's our goal to save you money in the short term, make you more in the long term, and provide the highest level of service and support. Most locker companies want to sell the product and want nothing to do with service.

However, we do listen, and we've heard the demand. Businesses want a Tiburon-quality electronic locker available for purchase.

Stay tuned for an announcement in the near future where we will announce a new product line that will have a purchase option!

Tiburon knows that health, cleanliness, and safety are now of the upmost importance in all public spaces. It is vital to our communal health that we all take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, and to promote the highest level of sanitation.

Please read more about out new line of Pro-Tech Lockers that have all the preventative measures to keep your lockers and kiosk clean.

There are many different ways across our company that we're able to earn more revenue for partners.

Anytime you’re sharing your revenue, transparency and ethics are critical. Tiburon commits to a percentage and pays the agreed percentage.

Many of our opportunities come from venues that were offered a higher percentage and later realized that the actual money they are being paid isn’t what it should be.

Tiburon uses its historical data to create a smart, custom pricing system that correctly prices every size of locker at your business. Using this data, we've created multiple pricing options to fit any type of venue.

Tiburon's superior service also helps earn you more revenue. Because we are your locker partners, it's in our best interest to fix the lockers if anything were to occur. If they're not working, we don't earn anything either.

When a part of our system goes down, we'll fix it for you - that's the Tiburon guarantee!

Having the highest actual payout - rather than the highest promised payout - is all that matters, rather than a percentage on paper!

Because of our superior locker systems, transparency, and service, we have an unprecedented track record of growing total locker revenue for our partners. When Tiburon replaces lockers you operate yourselves, or replaces a competitor, you can be sure to get the most possible revenue out of our lockers.

We don’t just say we pay more – we actually do, and we have the data to prove it!

Additionally, make sure you understand exactly the support that you'll receive from other companies. Are they going to go out of their way to send a professional technician to fix lockers, support your guests and workers, and monitor the locker systems 24/7?

Tiburon Lockers is dedicated to you and your guests. That dedication, coupled with our superior locker systems and unbeatable service, makes Tiburon Lockers the most profitable locker company.

It depends on your particular venue, but there are many other factors at play. Whatever the percentage we can offer you, the payout and the performance from Tiburon Lockers will be the highest for the opportunity.

Please fill out our free locker evaluation or contact us now to update to the perfect locker system!

Our typical lead time for lockers is 6-8 weeks, but in some cases it is possible to get lockers to you faster.

All venues are different and Tiburon structures locker plans specifically to each venue maximize profits for you and your business. This guarantees you get the right amount of lockers, the correct sizes, and custom software that's easy to use for all.

Tiburon has strict quality control and we want to make sure you're getting the product you deserve, fully tested and ready to go.

Yes! Tiburon has worked with various events, and we have done so for over 15 years. We have provided our lockers out for films, concerts, festivals, and many more events, both indoor and outdoor.

Tiburon has provided lockers to some of the largest sporting events in North America, such as The Barclays - PGA Tour and the US Open. We've also done events with some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Intel and AMD.

Tiburon Lockers has custom solutions available for all types of events - contact us today!

All partnered locations are serviced by locker professionals who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the lockers and kiosk.

Most of locations are serviced by our full-time staff who our dispatched from our operations office. At some of our busiest venues we have paid staff to assist guests with the lockers and do maintenance full time. For partners in select remote locations, we hire local part-timers who can assist when necessary.

Today our lockers can be found at over 500 venues across North America, with offices in New Jersey, Maryland, and Canada.

Sorry - we currently do not offer franchise opportunities.

Obviously buying lockers is an option, but the truth is like anything - to do it better, you need expertise and passion. The largest deterrent, especially for electronic lockers, is huge initial investment you'll have to make. It's not a guarantee you'll make that investment back, either.

After that you'll have to pay workers to install the lockers and figure out how they work. You're then obligated to fully maintain the lockers and kiosk, which is complicated and again takes up countless employee hours.

Tiburon is extremely passionate about making your guest experiences all about your venue. We are a small part of your operation, but one that if isn’t done well will negatively impact your guests.

In fact, we are proud to not only provide a better user experience, but we are also the right option if you are mostly concerned about the profitability of your lockers.

We are sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with one of our competitors. Tiburon gets a lot of calls from regretful business owners after they've signed a contract with a huge percentage and don’t get any of the expected service or support, leading to broken lockers and less revenue. Their lockers break and they have no way to fix them, negatively impacting their business, revenue, and overall guest experience.

The contrast of professionalism between Tiburon Lockers and other companies becomes very apparent after switching. Some of our strongest partnerships have come out of situations where businesses are discouraged from bad experiences with other locker companies. Tiburon has the unique ability to turn an unsuccessful locker program around, and we always welcome the opportunity to pick up where other companies have failed.

Tiburon has become a leader in the locker industry by paying attention to the details that other companies have long forgotten. In our lab, our engineers and programmers are constantly putting our lockers and kiosks through rigorous test scenarios to ensure there are no issues in any regard. In the rare event that there is an issue, we are available for immediate resolution and always have our locker professionals ready to go.

One of the most important traits Tiburon will bring your business is consistency. Lockers, like most things, will eventually break or malfunction - you need a way to fix them.

At Tiburon Lockers, we promise that we will stick to our word and guarantee to always be there for you.

Tiburon Locker's corporate office is in Rockleigh, New Jersey, and where the locker systems are registered to. If you rent a Tiburon locker anywhere, it will show as our Rockleigh, NJ address for the charge.

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