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Tiburon Provides Custom Locker Solutions For 500+ Partnered Locations All Over the USA and Canada

Tiburon Lockers is a company founded on integrity, honesty, and delivering what's promised. We provide value to our partner venues and their guests by offering the most innovative locker technologies coupled with our dedicated service.

Our unique business model serves as the foundation for our success. We focus on looking at things from your perspective and using our knowledge and experience to build you the perfect customized locker.

Tiburon has a wide range of locker services that are backed by decades of industry knowledge, helping clients get storage solutions perfectly tailored to their unique and changing needs. While our core business is rental lockers, we have broad expertise in access control and other related fields.


Our goal is to provide value to our partner venues and their guests by offering old fashioned customer service coupled with the most innovative technological locker solutions. In all endeavors, we shall conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty, integrity, and passion.


To become the leading supplier of electronic lockers by using innovation to change the current perception of what is possible with a locker. To make it impossible for a guest experience-oriented venue to choose another locker solution when Tiburon is an offered solution.

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How We Started

In 2004, Jared Lowenthal’s vacation time with his family in Mexico was interrupted. He had to keep track of their valuables while his family swam in the ocean. His hotel room was a twenty-minute walk from the beach, so Jared asked the hotel personnel where the pay lockers were. To his frustration, none were provided to him. It was in that moment Jared decided to start his idea of a reliable rental locker company and created Tiburon Lockers.

Jared used his extensive experience in real estate and property management to start Tiburon Lockers. To build an unbeatable electronic locker, Jared knew that the systems must be developed, owned, and supported by an in-house staff of engineers. It was the only way to create a locker of the highest quality and fully control Tiburon's future in the industry.

The newly assembled team used their experience and drive to create the most reliable and safest locker available. As our team grows, our lockers also change to meet the evolving needs of our clients and customers. These countless hours of work and the quality of our lockers makes Tiburon an international company, with lockers spread throughout the US and Canada.

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