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Tiburon Lockers Announces New Integrations Department

December 19, 2008

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ - To the meet the demand of various public and private groups, Tiburon Lockers has formed a new division, FIN (Fast Integrations Network). The principal purpose of FIN is to focus on integration of Tiburon’s electronic locker operating system with venues’ existing billing and operating systems and technologies. FIN works with Tiburon’s engineers and enables the electronic lockers to work with a wide range of existing platforms and technologies.

Tiburon’s FIN department will allow venues’ Point of Sale (POS), credit cards, folio, payment, access control, and security systems to work with its proprietary electronic locker systems. Related technological applications, as well as vertical market developments, will also be handled by FIN . The group is part of Tiburon’s parent company and is managed out of its Massachusetts office.