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Coin/Mechanical Locker Division Coordinator

May 1, 2020

Position Title: Coin Division Coordinator/ Coin Division Sales
Department: Coin/Mechanical Lockers
Location: White Marsh, MD
Reports to: Operations Manager

This position is responsible for most of the day to day management of the coin-operated lockers department as well as sales for Coin Mechanical Locker Division.

• Supervisory Experience – 2 years+
• Management Experience – 2 years+
• Sales Experience – 2 years+
• Intermediate Computing Skills – Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Salesforce
• Intermediate mechanical skills
• Intermediate troubleshooting skills
• Advanced written and oral communication skills
• Strong understanding of a production and servicing environment
• Demonstrate integrity and ethical standards
• Strong leadership skills, mentoring abilities and customer service orientation required
• Must be able to work effectively with peers, staff members and regulatory agency personnel
• Ability to solve problems and deal with a variety of situations where only limited standardization exists
• Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.

• Scheduling coin service technicians
• Booking flights for coin service technicians
• Booking car rentals for coin service technicians
• Adding and updating the service schedule in Google Calendars
• Printing out the A&B Sheet for each week for service technicians
• Maintain Travel Binder. Move over to yearly (big) binder when a month is completed.
• Shipping for all coin jobs
• Receiving for all coin materials
• Receiving Verification for all coin materials
• Creating, posting into Salesforce and maintain coin inventory
• Coordinating production and shipment preparation with refurbishment technician
• Order supplies for refurbishment technician
• Coordinating production and schedule with the warehouse manager
• Order supplies for the warehouse manager
• Collections verification for all coin accounts
• Coordinating general maintenance of the facility
• Receiving and processing new coin contracts
• Updating and checking accuracy of information in Salesforce
• Coordinating with the customer service manager
• Troubleshooting venue issues
• Troubleshooting customer issues
• Troubleshooting employee issues
• Reviewing, adding, closing and updating Cases in Salesforce
• Migrating A&B Sheet information into Salesforce
• Maintaining various internal documents
• Maintaining various external documents
• General office tasks
• Coordinating installs with coin venues
• Scheduling shipping with our logistics partner
• Review service technicians work and paperwork with them
• Create and maintain coin service technician paperwork
• Hiring, arranging training for and managing all 1099 employees
• Hiring, training and managing employees at the White Marsh facility
• Numerous aspects of customer service
• Developing production schedule
• Creating layouts
• Verifying on-call calls are resolved properly and logged
• Sharing vital information with sales
• Utilizing limited space in our facility
• Employee recognition and disciplinary measures
• Various purchasing tasks
• Directly responsible for: all Coin Service Technicians, the Refurbishment Technician, the Warehouse Manager and the 1099 Service Technicians
• Coordinating and scheduling price updates on coin accounts
• Coordinating and scheduling uninstalls on coin accounts
• Implementing and enforcing existing and new company policies and procedures
• Manage coin service technicians check in and check out
• Log servicing in Salesforce
• Log calls and emails into Salesforce
• Handling of afterhours calls
• Product acquisition
• Token machine maintenance and training
• Acquiring information for account cancellations
• Assisting in collections
• Developing metrics
• Uploading installation photos
• Vendor relations
• Order expediting
• Scheduling refurbishments
• Time and material estimates for events, cost to serve, install, uninstall and refurbishments
• Sales
• Site surveys for local coin locations
• Assisting in installs and servicing
• Contract negotiations
• Repairing equipment
• Working on the production line
• Reply promptly to all forms of communication
• Act as a back up to anyone who is performing on-call responsibilities
• Verifying expenses and proper cost allocations
• Verify the proper use and maintenance of all company issued equipment
• Be able to field questions in relation to monthly financial statementsble of multiple functions and attributes.”

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