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Tiburon Lockers supplies lockers to your venue at no cost to you! We install, maintain and service the lockers entirely free for the life of the contract.

We spent years developing a system that is unmatched in its capabilities by any other product in the world. We offer electronic lockers that are contemporary looking and compliment each venue's style and ambiance. The lockers can accept cash or credit cards using our own proprietary technology. Our Fair Share Software™ ensures that revenue received is accurate and up-to-date.

Our design adds to the appearance of your facility, enhancing the image that you want to project to your clientele. While many vending products detract from your overall image, Tiburon Lockers adds to it.

The lockers operate on a "closed door basis", meaning that all doors are locked until a customer pays to open one. There is an onsite and a remote "lock down" and "open all" capability; which adds to the overall security of your venue.

Unlike our competitors who merely offer a readily available off-the-shelf product manufactured by someone else, or technologies designed for other industries, our product was conceived from the very start to be the ultimate locker system for both your guests and your operations.

We can customize any type of locker solution to fit your needs. We also pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and satisfaction. We regularly service and collect from all of our sites based on schedules that reflect seasonality, usage, and customer needs.

Among the over 400 features of our electronic system
we have thought of everything from your standpoint:


  • Multiple audio and visual prompts, including various language choice capabilities
  • Engineered with ease of use in mind so anyone who can operate an ATM can use our lockers
  • Touch Screen Interface which guides the user through the rental process
  • Unlimited access during rental period


  • Our lockers are insured, protecting you from 3rd party liability
  • Locker doors are locked until the need to use them arises
  • Ability to lock out a rental with the deny access feature
  • System designed to assign lockers randomly
  • Ability to access lockers even in the event of a power outage


  • Engineered with you in mind, for example our nightly cleaning function identifies only those lockers that need attention saving you and your staff time and money
  • Reduces your staff's administrative burdens to almost zero
  • Reduces man-hours and labor costs
  • Electronic system allows you to focus on your core business


  • Patented pricing system ensures the maximum income possible
  • Ability to accept cash and/or credit cards
  • Benefit of system experts that ensure protection in every aspect

Electronic Locker Images

Tiburon System
Select a
language screen
Rent Locker/
Open Locker Screen
Select locker size
and duration screen
Enter PIN screen
Bill Collector
(Cash payment option)
Credit card reader
(Credit card payment option)
Receipt for
all transactions
Locker door closed
Locker door open
3-Tier Deep

Standard Colors

Arc White

Thunder Blue

Ultramarine Blue


Pale Green

Moss Green

Tuxedo Black

Storm Grey

Victorian Lace


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