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We are programmed to hear the word "share" and think that we are giving something away or that the result will be less for us. Not true! A fundamental aspect of our business model is the revenue share. This is because it is our belief that the day a partnership starts, is the day that we install our systems. The value and assurance our partnerships receive is enhanced by the fact that we provide upgrades, maintenance, and support for the lifetime of the agreement. If you don't make money, we don't make money.

We have produced a product and a comprehensive offering that makes it impossible to say no! If you're operating lockers and using cash, unfortunately, you are already unknowingly sharing the revenue. The sports industry, a multi-billion dollar business, is one of the largest generators of concession based revenue in the world. No major franchise manages concessions at their facilities. They leave it to the experts. Having our locker service is no different. Our fully audited system eliminates any concerns of theft. After all, what's the value in sharing something if isn't really split as it should be? You will be more profitable sharing with us than with any other means of operating your rental lockers. We do not mislead our customers with a lease to own option, where the product will be obsolete. We offer free hardware and software upgrades of our product, keeping up with technological changes and product enhancements.

Anyone can make claims about being the best locker company but, Tiburon has the data to back it up. The following are just two examples of what we have done for our partners. These only illustrate the income and completely discount other factors such as the best technology for no cost, increased customer satisfaction, and efficiencies.

Case Study #1

A venue that receives over 7,000,000 annual visitors, had owned their own electronic lockers that were sold to them by another company. One year after replacing their owned system, using our lockers and support; the venue's income increased by 78%, after the revenue share.

Case Study #2

Tiburon increased the revenue of a resort by 29%. Again, they had their own lockers and transitioned
to our systems.

These increases were achieved despite the sharp decline of spending and of total visitors.
So how do we do it?

How We Do It!

  • Our Lockers Work - The venues mentioned above replaced old electronic systems, most of which are unreliable. The most expensive component of our installations is our customer interface kiosk because it makes sense to invest in industrial grade hardware to ensure reliability. We did not install a single locker until we had four years of engineering and testing.
  • Smart Pricing – An optional, proprietary algorithm that assists in maximum revenue generation is based on a calculation of remaining hours of operation, occupancy, rental rates, and other numerous factors.
  • Remote Monitoring - We pioneered a technology that allows us to address and fix problems for potential customer concerns remotely from any computer. This is often before anyone else is aware a problem exists. We adopted a standard practice of security monitoring services. We watch our clients and their lockers.
  • Our Passion - We know how to design, manage, price, and operate lockers. You have enough to worry about. We are the locker experts. Our technological quality, innovation, and the focus on your visitors is the intangible that ties it all together.
  • Quite Simply - Our electronic system wasn’t developed solely with the idea of what would sell in the storefront. It is what our two constituencies (the venue and their clients) want.

Who we are

Tiburon Lockers provides customized, secure, and reliable electronic locker storage, coin operated locker storage and concierge/bag check solutions for your venue anywhere in the world. We not only provide the best in class locker, we do it at absolutely no cost to you! Our full service and management make the choice to partner with us an easy one.

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