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Unlike others in this industry, Tiburon Lockers uses our own in-house engineers to design, support, and produce our own lockers. Putting our name on someone else’s product isn’t adequate. We tailor a product to your venue’s precise needs. We are able to support our own products much more effectively than the others, who don't own or have the experience of developing the product. Find out how our passion and dedication can provide you with a cost-free solution that exceeds your expectations.

One solution does not suit everyone and Tiburon is proud to be the only company of its kind to engineer, support, and continually strive to perfect its own technology. Our systems are customized before each and every installation. Tiburon uses a process of matching your standards, knowledge from similar customers, and desired results to set up your system. This goes far beyond the decision of the sizes of the lockers. It involves a series of custom possibilities for you.

See what is possible with lockers!

Some examples of this customization include:

  • Integration of our locker systems with existing POS systems or technologies
  • Auditory and video prompts in any language
  • Time duration of rentals
  • Time allowed to access each locker

We welcome the chance to solve other related applications and technology requests. Solving your locker problems is what we do best. We make sure everything is accurate before all installations.

While Tiburon Lockers’ core business is rental lockers, our experience and expertise in access control and related applications is broad. We welcome the opportunity to provide other solutions for your needs. We have helped solve many access control issues and have many creative solutions to drive your customer experience, resource management, and revenues. We love the opportunity to take on the challenge when asked to resolve a problem. We are here to help.

For those who don't have the need for our electronic lockers will find that Tiburon Lockers provides the same dedication, information and implementation for our coin locker installations. Tiburon was developed using all of its expertise to tailor the best possible solution for many kinds of facilities. Even with a traditional coin locker, our innovations, management and execution ensure that both you and your guests are getting the best possible service and solution from your coin lockers.

Who we are

Tiburon Lockers provides customized, secure, and reliable electronic locker storage, coin operated locker storage and concierge/bag check solutions for your venue anywhere in the world. We not only provide the best in class locker, we do it at absolutely no cost to you! Our full service and management make the choice to partner with us an easy one.

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